TD-246 Skin Resistance - Skin Conductance Electrode Paste

Size: 4 oz bottle (118 ml)
Sale price$7.45


TD-246 Skin Resistance/Conductance Electrode Paste
Size(s): 4, 8, 16 oz


This electrode paste was specially formulated by Discount Disposables with 0.5% saline in a neutral lotion/cream style base to be specifically suitable for measuring skin conductance. This product can be used with any of the standard or premium Ag/AgCl reusable electrodes previously described. Unlike agar, gel or saline pastes, this paste has a virtually unlimited shelf life. It is supplied in a three different convenient sizes: 4 oz., 8 oz., and 16 oz. All bottles feature a convenient squeeze tip applicator cap. The tip of the applicator can be cut back to achieve desired output volume.

Other gels and pastes found in this catalog and sold by other suppliers are intended for EEG, ECG, EMG or other biopotenials. They are made of strongly hypertonic solutions specifically designed to depolarize the skin and to reduce skin resistance. For measuring skin conductance, these types of conductive gels are inappropriate. The "Unibase" material called out by Lykken and Venables specifically for measuring skin conductance in Psychophysiology, 1971, pp. 665 - 666 no longer exists. The TD-246 Electrode Paste, now available from Discount Disposables, is the only legitimate skin conductance paste that meets all the recommended specifications.



4 oz. bottle (TD-246-4)  |  $7.45
8 oz. bottle (TD-246-8)  |  $13.80
16 oz. bottle (TD-246-16)  |  $24.40

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